214 | The Cuckoo's Calling

Hey everyone !

So I had just finished Robert Galbraith's (aka JK Rowling) The Cuckoo's Calling and I immediately decided to draw the characters (and bought the sequel, The Silkworm). Because I felt like it was obviously going to be turned into a movie, I decided to draw these fan arts as potential movie posters (it's actually going to become a BBC miniseries). I especially like the one with Robin (inspired by a picture of Emma Watson). Hope you like it and if you haven't read them, go do it stat !

Salut à tous,

Après avoir terminé The Cuckoo's Calling de Robert Galbraith (alias J.K. Rowling), j'ai eu envie de dessiner les personnages, puis de faire de ces fan-arts des affiches d'une potentielle adaptation cinématographique. J'aime tout particulièrement celui de Robin Ellacott (je me suis inspiré d'une photo d'Emma Watson). Si vous avez lu les aventures de Cormoran Strike, j'attends votre avis! Sinon, qu'est-ce que vous attendez, allez-y !!