222 | Back to Portwood

Hi everyone ! Hope you had a great summer, like I did ! (Weddings, Berlin, swimming in lakes in Switzerland...) But now it's time to go back to work, so celebrate Labor Day with a new addition to the American Freaks comic !

Click to read the chapter!

Click to read the chapter!

I finished drawing (H)Ex - part 1 in August of 2012, which means it took six years and a couple days for me to complete the story (which is a bit ludicrous since I literally drew this whole chapter in 3 days) ! Better late than never I guess. I renamed the two-part story "The Girlfriend", since it no longer has anything to do with witches, unlike previously planned.

Though I didn't draw any A-F comic in six years, I never abandoned the project ; I made a bunch of artworks and developed the story, which allowed me to improve the comic. I made a bunch of significant changes (like the name of the city). For example, Noah, who first appears physically in Part II, used to have a completely different name in Part I :

Blog - Noah Wayne.png

Anecdotally, Noah is actually an older character than all the other ones. I created him as a part of the cast of Deep, a supernatural action comic (you can read some of it here). I decided to re-use his design when I gave up on that first project, and he seemed like the perfect addition to the freaks roaming in Portwood.

As for Ned's ex, she was supposed to JUST be a nameless girl that would only appear in this episode as a means to introduce Noah (she was so inconsequential that I googled the term "Basic Bitch" to design her clothing and hairdo). I ended up really liking her design, so I decided to keep her in the cast, as she's kind of an asshole, which makes her a perfect addition.

Blog - Ex is a bitch.png

But the biggest change is the character of Perry. Though he has the same personality, I completely remodeled him, going from this

to this :

Some of it has to do with evolution in my art style (which has become a little less manga over the years), a lot of it has to do with actually making him look mixed-race like he's supposed to be, instead of the indeterminate ambiguity of his previous looks :

Blog - Latino Chinese.png

Anyway, I hope you like the chapter ! I'm going to force myself to go back to comic-ing immediately, as I tend to take overlong breaks everytime I finish a comic. The script for Bruise's third episode is ready, I have a new short story project that i've been wanting to make for two years, and I already have plenty of other American Freaks stories planned, so, if all goes well, there won't be another six-years gap before Perry, Ned, Gunner and the Portwood gang are back!


188 | American Freaks 2 !!

American Freaks' second episode starts today, drawn especially for the new website !
Click and enjoy !
I'm not going to post something on here to announce every new publication on the other blog, so you should subscribe to it for new pages of American Freaks, Bruise and Breslyn New Arch !

Une nouvelle histoire de American Freaks commence aujourd'hui, dessinée spécialement pour le nouveau site. Bonne lecture !
Par contre, je ne vais pas toujours annoncer les nouvelles publications de l'autre blog ici, donc abonnez-vous y pour les nouvelles pages de American Freaks, Bruise et Breslyn New Arch !

187 | American Bruise City

Several months ago, I started posting pages of Breslyn, New Arch, a graphic novel I've been working on for quite a while, on the comics online publishing site Manolosanctis. But following its death, there was no way for readers to have access to it, as I didn't publish it anywhere else. So I decided to create a new blog, New Arch City, in which I was to publish the story and the next chapters when I'll draw them. Then, I had the idea to just use it to publish all my ongoing projects, Bruise (yes, no, Bruise isn't over !) and American Freaks (whose intro is already on this blog).
So, from now on, check New Arch City for new comics and go (re)read the 100 pages + that are already on there, including a new chapter of Bresly, New Arch ! Soon ; the next pages of Bruise, and a new chapter of American Freaks !

Il y a quelques mois, j'ai publié sur Manolosanctis les premières pages de Breslyn, New Arch, le roman graphique sur lequel je bossais depuis un bout de temps. Mais, à la suite de la mort du site, il n'y avait plus aucun moyen d'accéder aux planches que je n'avais publié nulle part ailleurs. J'ai donc décidé d'ouvrir un nouveau blog, New Arch City pour les y republier, et dans la foulée, j'ai décidé d'y mettre les autres séries que je dessine e ce moment, soit Bruise (oui, Bruise va revenir !) et American Freaks. Elles seront donc tout trois publiées sur ce site à partir de maintenant, et en attendant la suite, vous pouvez dès maintenant aller (re)lire les 100 pages et plus qui s'y trouvent déjà, incluant un nouveau chapitre de Breslyn ! Bientôt ; la suite de Bruise, et une nouvelle histoire de American Freaks !

Bonne lecture !