138 | Pirate Mermaid and Playlist

It had been a while since I published anything for the "Collection", so, to greet the most-hated-by-single-people-month-of-the-year, here's a Pirate Mermaid and her hard-shell sidekicks. This is the first "finished" artwork (so I'm not including comics pages) I inked and colored entirely on the graphic tablet.
Ca faisait bien longtemps que je n'avais rien posté dans la section "Collection", alors pour accueillir le mois-le-plu-pourri-de-l'année-pour-tous-les-célibataires, voici une Sirène Pirate et ses acolytes à carapace.

On another note, TV shows are all back after a (too) long winter hiatus ! This artwork was by the way (loosely) inspired by the great trailer of series 5 of British teenage drama Skins which recently premiered.
L'illustration est plus ou moins inspirée du trailer de la derlière saison de Skins, qui vient de commencer.

The music is Ready to Start by Arcade Fire.

And, as we're talking about music, I think I'm gonna open a new section on this blog to share all my musical obsessions of the moments, like the theme of the very controversial US version of Skins which premiered last month on MTV, the very nice song "Lina Magic" from 3D Friends
Puisqu'on parle de musique, j'envisage de créer une section pour y partager mes dernières obsessions musicales du moment, comme la chanson utilisée pour le générique de la très controversée version US de Skins, "Lina Magic" de 3D Friends.

also heard in Skins (series 2, episode 2) Good Times Gonna Come from Aqualung

or all the songs by Marina and the Diamonds, in particular Oh no ! and Hollywood.
ou toutes les chansons de la belle Marina and the Diamonds

Enjoy and don't forget to join the Broken Glasses group on Facebook where you can ask me to draw whatever you want !!
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