221 | The Christmas Three

A new artwork! I know it's been a while, and yes, I'm not dead. Lots of moving parts in my life these few months have prevented me from actively drawing much (for example, I've moved back from Montreal to Paris!), but it's gotten better and I'm back at it. There have been some new stuff uploaded on the comics site though, so go check it out if you want to see more of my universe or are just finding it out !

I've been wanting to draw a Christmas illustration basically since I've had the blog but it never seemed to work out quite as I wanted to. This is my fourth version of Santa (after this onethis horrible one and this sexy one). I'm pretty happy with this one though, with its little Art nouveau flair. The inclusion of my red-bearded Prince comes from a Christmas-themed short story idea that would involve him and other fairy-tale characters, but I mostly just wanted to draw him again as it had been a while (check out his latest adventures here).

Finally, the ogre character is a legendary European figure called "Père Fouettard", a less demonic equivalent of Krampus, whose role was to punish naughty children by, among other things, giving them coal as gifts. The depictions I've found of him made me uncomfortable (googling him opens a whole can of worms of blackface) so I drew my own ogre-bear-ish version.

201 | Jungle Gingers Explorers

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And the Collection grows bigger with another artwork ! I just felt pretty good about the previous one and plenty of other things, so I drew this one rather quickly, and I'm pretty happy with it despite some flaws in the coloring. I think it's (one of) the best artwork(s) on this blog so far, do you agree ?

Comme quoi, il suffit d'un petit dessin pour que (presque) tout aille bien (plus une première visite au Manga Thé, une fin de semaine mouvementée, le 100ème like sur la page Facebook et un bond en avant significatif dans mes études). Du coup voici déjà une nouvelle illustration ! Après l'espace, la jungle... Il va me falloir des nouveaux thèmes pour les prochaines, alors si vous avez des idées je suis tout ouïe !

I'm going to need new themes for the next artworks, so if you have any ideas, throw them this way !

Oh, and, sorry, no gory Valentine's Day post this year, but you can always take another look at the previous ones ;  Love Sneeze and Cupid !

Malheureusement, pas de traditionnel dessin gore de St-Valentin cette année, mais les deux précédents sont toujours là !

156 | Get your kilts on !

What I like about comics, even more than cartoons and everything else, is that you can pretty much draw ANYTHING you want, and it won't be weird. So even if I draw a Scottish guy wearing a kilt AND rollerblades AND a firey sword, there will be nothing wrong with it (except the guy's anatomy probably :p). By the way, you gotta have balls to wear a kilt with rollers !! (pun intended).

Once again, this artwork differs from howI usually draw ; the way I did the shadows matches more with a black & white comics (like Breslyn, New Arch, from which I published several pages in the previous post), and I didn't ink the rocks behind the character. The theme of the artwork is a reminiscence from an old chapter cover I drew for Wood Satoru Hayashi no Magi ; the tatoo and the religious iconography are directly borrowed from the first version of the comics.

Ce que j'aime avec la bédé c'est que, encore plus qu'avec les dessins-animés à mon avis, on peut dessiner absolument TOUT ce qu'on veut sans que ça ne semble bizarre. Donc, même si je dessine un Ecossais qui porte un kilt ET des rollers ET une épée enflammée, il n'y aura aucun problème (sauf les proportions du personnage, peut-être :p).

Encore une fois, la réalisation de cette illustration diffère un peu de d'habitude ; la façaon dont j'ai dessiné les ombres correspond en fait aux illustrations en noir et blanc (comme Breslyn, New Arch, dont j'ai mis quelques pages dans le post précédent), et je n'ai pas encré le décor derrière le personnage. Le thème de ce  dessin est une relecture d'une vieille illustration que j'ai fait pour Wood Satoru Hayashi no Magi ; le tatouage et l'iconographie religieuse sont directement empruntés de celui-ci. Je le posterais en-dessous une fois scanné.
Music stage !

138 | Pirate Mermaid and Playlist

It had been a while since I published anything for the "Collection", so, to greet the most-hated-by-single-people-month-of-the-year, here's a Pirate Mermaid and her hard-shell sidekicks. This is the first "finished" artwork (so I'm not including comics pages) I inked and colored entirely on the graphic tablet.
Ca faisait bien longtemps que je n'avais rien posté dans la section "Collection", alors pour accueillir le mois-le-plu-pourri-de-l'année-pour-tous-les-célibataires, voici une Sirène Pirate et ses acolytes à carapace.

On another note, TV shows are all back after a (too) long winter hiatus ! This artwork was by the way (loosely) inspired by the great trailer of series 5 of British teenage drama Skins which recently premiered.
L'illustration est plus ou moins inspirée du trailer de la derlière saison de Skins, qui vient de commencer.

The music is Ready to Start by Arcade Fire.

And, as we're talking about music, I think I'm gonna open a new section on this blog to share all my musical obsessions of the moments, like the theme of the very controversial US version of Skins which premiered last month on MTV, the very nice song "Lina Magic" from 3D Friends
Puisqu'on parle de musique, j'envisage de créer une section pour y partager mes dernières obsessions musicales du moment, comme la chanson utilisée pour le générique de la très controversée version US de Skins, "Lina Magic" de 3D Friends.

also heard in Skins (series 2, episode 2) Good Times Gonna Come from Aqualung

or all the songs by Marina and the Diamonds, in particular Oh no ! and Hollywood.
ou toutes les chansons de la belle Marina and the Diamonds

Enjoy and don't forget to join the Broken Glasses group on Facebook where you can ask me to draw whatever you want !!
Et n'oubliez pas de joindre le groupe Facebook de Broken Glasses pour des dessins inédits, où vous pouvez me demander de dessiner ce que vous voulez.

79 | St-Patrick's (Birth) Day !!

I know St-Patrick's day's not until tomorrow but I couldn't resist my desire to draw some red-heads !! ^^ Moreover, today is the first anniversary of the blog so I made myself a gift... Thanks to every one of you who read and commented it and I hope you'll always be more and more !! Happy Green Day !! ^^

Je sais que la St-Patrick n'est que demain mais je n'ai pas pu résister à mon envie de dessiner du roux ! ^^ Et en plus, c'est le premier anniversaire du blog alors j'en profite pour me faire plaisir ! Merci à tous ceux qui l'ont lu et commenté et j'espère que vous serez toujours plus nombreux !