224⎪October's Were-Wolf

Collection Halloween Werewolf.png

A new artwork (finally) !

Almost ten years ago, I drew a series of Halloween artworks with a vote at the end of the month to determine which monster was the best : Month of the Monsters. I never did anything like that again, but I still like the designs of some of those monsters. I wanted to do the same this year, but this October has been particularly busy (because of this, among other things) so I might only draw a couple. This one is obviously inspired by my absolute favorite artist ever, Alfons Mucha.

Werewolf example.png

221 | The Christmas Three

A new artwork! I know it's been a while, and yes, I'm not dead. Lots of moving parts in my life these few months have prevented me from actively drawing much (for example, I've moved back from Montreal to Paris!), but it's gotten better and I'm back at it. There have been some new stuff uploaded on the comics site though, so go check it out if you want to see more of my universe or are just finding it out !

I've been wanting to draw a Christmas illustration basically since I've had the blog but it never seemed to work out quite as I wanted to. This is my fourth version of Santa (after this onethis horrible one and this sexy one). I'm pretty happy with this one though, with its little Art nouveau flair. The inclusion of my red-bearded Prince comes from a Christmas-themed short story idea that would involve him and other fairy-tale characters, but I mostly just wanted to draw him again as it had been a while (check out his latest adventures here).

Finally, the ogre character is a legendary European figure called "Père Fouettard", a less demonic equivalent of Krampus, whose role was to punish naughty children by, among other things, giving them coal as gifts. The depictions I've found of him made me uncomfortable (googling him opens a whole can of worms of blackface) so I drew my own ogre-bear-ish version.

219 | Same difference

So, after a couple trials, and migrating to a new site that didn't quite work, I'm coming back to this blog. I haven't really posted anything on my personal sites in a while, choosing to instead invest in easier platforms like Instagram and Facebook, but I always kind of regretted abandoning all the work I had put in this blog for years, even if some of the early works looks amateurish. So I'm hosting two sites, this one for all my blogging ideas and artworks, and a second one on which I've republished every comic I've done since I started college and that I will update with new pages when possible.

218 | Seeing Blue


March 2018 update :

So, I wasn't quite satisfied with this artwork I made in 2016 so i decided to recolor it and here's the new version. For a little background info ; during my last college course, we discussed the topic of Afrofuturism (and I even drew a 20 pages comic as my last assignment). We read about the Drexciyan, which are, broadly, aquatic creatures born from the bodies of Black slaves who jumped off ship. Of course my artwork isn't as dramatic but this story was the starting point.

217 | Winter is coming

A poster of a little project I was planning a couple months ago about a Game of Thrones spoof. It's no longer happening but I like the visuals (I'd been using it as my phone wallpaper for a while).

Also, thanks so much to everyone who came to

Nocturnal Rhythm II

last Friday to see my exhibition and bought some posters and cards from the artworks on this site. It was a great experience and I can't wait to do something like that again !

210 | Le Café

If you look closely, you'll notice that most of the characters depicted in the "Collection" artworks are action heroes. Whether it's their ultra-dynamic position (like Bass ! Yeah ! Riff ! Boom) or a sense of danger and adventure surrounding them (like Jungle Gingers Explorers), they never seem to just stand still. So it was pretty refreshing, yet challenging, to draw something as low-key as this artwork, even if it's a quite simple one. In the beginning, I was only planning to draw the young couple but after I added the windows, I thought it would be a good idea to show their older selves (I guess it says something about me that my idea of improving an artwork is to show an happy couple splitting up).

Cette illustration est pas mal différente de ce que je fais d'habitude dans la Collection, qui présente en général des personnages ultra-dynamiques. C'était donc plutôt rafraîchissant, même si moins facile que prévu, de raconter cette histoire. Au départ, je n'avais prévu que de dessiner la rencontre du couple, à la terrasse de ce café, puis, après avoir dessiné les fenêtres pour décorer, ai trouvé plus intéressant de les utiliser pour montrer la suite. Pour être franc, je n'avais pas particulièrement l'intention de séparer le couple, mais c'était beaucoup plus facile à représenter vu qu'il y avait deux fenêtres, et finalement je trouve ça plus intéressant.

Tell me what you think while I start thinking about the next post !

207 | Spell Wars

And a new original entry in the Collection !

I don't have much to say about it. Unlike the others, I wasn't in a frenzy while I was making it (the one that forces me to only sleep at 4AM because I absolutely need to finish drawing first). It may be because I drew a lot of stuff lately (for a comics project that didn't work out, among other things). Anyway, here, I wanted to experiment a bit, like for the Jungle Explorers, but the result isn't quite the same, as it lacks the "accidental" factor that makes Jungle my favorite. Anyway, I hope you like it, still.

Nouvelle illustration originale pour la Collection.

Pas grand chose à dire dessus ; j'avais envie d'expérimenter comme pour les Roux de la Jungle, et même si j'aime le résultat, l'autre reste mon préféré car il n'y a pas le même facteur "accidentel" dans celui-ci. J'espère que vous aimez quand même cette bataille de sorciers qui évoque un peu ce que Wood serait devenu si j'avais continué le webcomics (qui sait ?).

In other news ; I'm drawing a three-parts porn comic about spring awakening in Montreal (I drew 20 pages in a weekend already) but I'm only telling you to tease you because it's a personal thing so I won't post it anywhere (:p) [but you can check my Instagram for a smalltinylittleSFW excerpt], AND I'm currently writing new episodes for American Freaks so stay tuned for that !

Oh, et bien sûr, n'oubliez pas la sortie prochaine du recueil Projet 17 mai et toutes les expos qui vont avec !