190 | Sorry for Party Clothing

Lamest title ever ?

I just realized I spent most summer going to theme parties and thus having to buy tons of clothes (that I may or may not ever use again). Little sample of how to fit a theme.

Il semblerait que j'ai rencontré beaucoup de gens qui aiment faire des fêtes à thèmes cet été. Petit échantillon.

Tiens, je crois queje ne me suis jamais autant rapproché de la note de blog girly (y'a même du maquillage et des talons).

Bon Halloween à tous !

Hope you all had a great summer too, full of theme parties - or whatever gets you guys going - and Happy Halloween !

(oh, and no, I didn't get an eyebrow piercing, I just cut my forehead open on a door. Aah, summer.)