219 | Same difference

So, after a couple trials, and migrating to a new site that didn't quite work, I'm coming back to this blog. I haven't really posted anything on my personal sites in a while, choosing to instead invest in easier platforms like Instagram and Facebook, but I always kind of regretted abandoning all the work I had put in this blog for years, even if some of the early works looks amateurish. So I'm hosting two sites, this one for all my blogging ideas and artworks, and a second one on which I've republished every comic I've done since I started college and that I will update with new pages when possible.

208 | TBFD : Bike And The City

Yay ! Finally, the blog is back after a 3-months-long break. I hope you enjoyed this new chapter of the Barely Fake Diary ! This one was a long time coming (I actually wrote most of it last summer). More content is coming soon.

Oh, and if you're in or stop by Montreal and also enjoy sweating like you've just took a bath fully clothed, here's a cool article listing the best places to ride in the city

. Maybe I'll see you there ! :)

195 | Neverland : conversations with imaginary people

I actually rarely go to Starbucks as I drink very little coffee. I like and occasionally visit Second Cup though, but it's not as widely known so the joke could have flown over some people's heads.

Also, I would never want to go to Neverland. Obviously I don't think I'm old (I'm twenty-two today, which barely qualifies as adulthood, let alone old age !). I'm fine with aging (I'm actually pretty excited about it) and I would definitely not want to stay the same age for ever. Besides, an island full of snotty and loud unsupervised brats, no thanks - my god, I am a grumpy old man !

194 | Welcome to Mustreal

And, yes, we're in November, and Montreal is flooded with the Mustache clan that I can't be part of because puberty decided to skip my face somehow. If you don't know what MOVEMBER is, click here and get in the game !

Et oui, Novembre, ou le mois où Montréal est envahi par les moustachus de tous poils ! Si vous ignorez ce qu'est MOVEMBER, cliquez ici et participez pour moi et mon duvet de nourrisson (en fait il est un peu trop tard pour s'inscrire, mais l'an prochain !)

190 | Sorry for Party Clothing

Lamest title ever ?

I just realized I spent most summer going to theme parties and thus having to buy tons of clothes (that I may or may not ever use again). Little sample of how to fit a theme.

Il semblerait que j'ai rencontré beaucoup de gens qui aiment faire des fêtes à thèmes cet été. Petit échantillon.

Tiens, je crois queje ne me suis jamais autant rapproché de la note de blog girly (y'a même du maquillage et des talons).

Bon Halloween à tous !

Hope you all had a great summer too, full of theme parties - or whatever gets you guys going - and Happy Halloween !

(oh, and no, I didn't get an eyebrow piercing, I just cut my forehead open on a door. Aah, summer.)

168 | NYC : The New York Chronicles - I

So, a little bit of autobiography for a change - because sometimes your life looks too much like a comic for it not to become one. Thanks to Gillus for scanning all these pages (and making me discover one of the best beers ever) !!
Pour changer un peu, un petit récit autobiographique à suivre - parce que parfois ta vie ressemble trop à une bédé pour ne pas en devenir une !
Merci à Gillus qui a gentiment scanné toutes ces pages et m'a fait découvrir une super bière (la Chouffe - goûtez dès que vous pouvez) !!