221 | The Christmas Three

A new artwork! I know it's been a while, and yes, I'm not dead. Lots of moving parts in my life these few months have prevented me from actively drawing much (for example, I've moved back from Montreal to Paris!), but it's gotten better and I'm back at it. There have been some new stuff uploaded on the comics site though, so go check it out if you want to see more of my universe or are just finding it out !

I've been wanting to draw a Christmas illustration basically since I've had the blog but it never seemed to work out quite as I wanted to. This is my fourth version of Santa (after this onethis horrible one and this sexy one). I'm pretty happy with this one though, with its little Art nouveau flair. The inclusion of my red-bearded Prince comes from a Christmas-themed short story idea that would involve him and other fairy-tale characters, but I mostly just wanted to draw him again as it had been a while (check out his latest adventures here).

Finally, the ogre character is a legendary European figure called "Père Fouettard", a less demonic equivalent of Krampus, whose role was to punish naughty children by, among other things, giving them coal as gifts. The depictions I've found of him made me uncomfortable (googling him opens a whole can of worms of blackface) so I drew my own ogre-bear-ish version.

144 | Ho ! Ho ! Ho! (4) Miss Santa X Files

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Previously on Santa Claus Christmas Crisis 
 Klaus "Santa Claus" refuses to deliver gifts on Christmas' Night because he's still upset about his divorce with Miss Santa (and deals with her absence by keeping her used dildo).

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Music stage !!

132 | Ho! Ho! Ho! (3) (Caution : Trash)

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Previously on Santa Claus Christmas Crisis 
 Klaus "Santa Claus" is pissed for some reason, throws something at an Elf, and decides he won't deliver presents on Christmas night.

130 | Ho! Ho! Ho! (2)

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So, here it is ! Santa "Nicolas" Claus is going through a major life crisis, and luckily for us, his elves chose to tell us all about it on the blog !! So don't miss the next episodes !
But, be careful, Santa's nothing like you think he is, so don't be too surprised if it gets a little trash (and less subtly than in all the other comics on this blog)...
Alors, voilà ! Le père Noël traverse une crise majeure, et, heureusement pour nous, ses elfes ont décidé de tout nous raconter sur le blog ! Ne manquez pas les prochains épisodes !
Par contre, je vous préviens, St-Nicolas n'est pas exactement à l'image que vous vous faisiez de lui, alors ne soyez pas surpris si ça devient un peu trash... (et sans la subtilité des autres bédés qu'il y a sur ce blog).

Et un peu de pub pour les blogs qui ont décidé d'appréhender les fêtes avec un peu plus de classe avec trois Calendriers de l'Avent :
Guillaum qui nous propose un mystérieux rébus de l'Avent avec un nouvel indice tous les jours
Mathilde "The Foggy Girl" qui nous propose tous les jours de reconnaître en quel personnage son héros Hamalet s'est déguisé (de Corto Maltese à Marty McFly en passant pas Pocahontas!)
Et enfin, Odett le fou et son Calendrier de l'Avent pour les tout petits, avec la tête décapitée de plein de personnalités tous les jours (de Justin Bieber à Bob l'éponge en passant par Rorschach).
Allez jeter un oeil chez eux, et revenez ici pour la suite de Santa Claus Christmas Crisis !